Why Hey-Mi

Sushi, Daily Rice And More

Perfect Fit For Sushi

We are an expert in making sushi, so is Hey-mi. When you make sushi with Hey-mi, you will definitely feel the delight in every bite.

Cooking Rice Made Easy

A perfect bowl of rice is 10 minutes away from you

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Beef Donburi, As Well

Nothing is better than stir-fried beef on rice, our go-to dinner option.

More About Us

Our Rice Show Case

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Let’s see how Chef Kurt Fleischfresser, widely renowned chef and restaurateur, cooked Hey-mi rice.

About miWorld

Hey-mi is a brand of miWorld. miWorld Co., Inc. was established in January 2022 in New York, U.S.A.
Our mission is to provide superior quality food products to people who
love food and the pursuit of a healthy life. Our primary clients are
wholesalers and distributors who supply food products to restaurants
and retailers. Our expertise includes international trade, sales &
marketing, ecommerce, fulfillment warehousing, and business